The Entropy Illusion - Part 1

by Guardsman

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THE ENTROPY ILLUSION (PART I) features 11 tracks totaling over one hour of music. This release expands on the band’s heavy yet melodic style established in their 2015 demo, ‘The Awakening’. Incorporating a little more of a prog and even power metal influence (including some orchestral elements), THE ENTROPY ILLUSION (PART I) is a logical next step in the band’s quest to fuse the intensity of old-school thrash with the grandeur of epic and melodic prog music.

While not strictly a ‘concept album’, the majority of the songs weave in and out of the central theme of free will versus determinism, of how much control each person really has over individual actions and circumstances. Throughout the album, the lyrics tell stories of people striving to assert control over their own destinies, facing battles with external forces and with their own inner demons, sometimes prevailing and sometimes succumbing to fate.

From a musical aspect, the album showcases a wide variety of moods. Songs such as “Into the Blue” tap into the band’s lighter and more melodic side, while tracks like “Dark Days Ahead” and “Hell’s Back Door” cast a much heavier tone. The album even features a bit of a humorous twist, including a 12-minute instrumental entitled “F*%& the Logo, Let’s Reclaim Erebor!” as well as an homage to the band’s influences in the form of “Earn Your Shield” (which consists of lyrics made up almost entirely of band names and song titles).

THE ENTROPY ILLUSION is an ambitious example of GUARDSMAN’s DIY spirit, with every aspect of the album (from recording and mixing to album art and logo design) produced entirely by the band. By taking control of the entire production process, the band was able to establish and maintain a clear vision from start to finish.

Part 2 of the album, set to release in 2019, will feature the title track, “The Entropy Illusion”, a 40+minute magnum opus split into multiple sections that take the listener on an epic journey through a vast array of musical passages and themes. Fans can expect even further forays into the world of progressive and orchestral ideas, while retaining the old-school metal edge that is quickly becoming the staple of GUARDSMAN's signature sound. The band is scheduled to begin tracking Part 2 in November and December, 2018.


released November 6, 2018

Produced by Steve Harwood and Rob Harwood.

Leo Garcia - Guitars
Rob Harwood - Drums
Steve Harwood - Guitars and Vocals
Carlos Valencia - Bass

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Steve Harwood.
Cover artwork by Rob Harwood.

All songs (c) 2018 Guardsman. All rights reserved.

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all rights reserved


Track Name: Catching Up
Take another day to dust off the tools of your trade
I’ll come in time
Another day of running, get back in your cage
Hear the sound of voices, don’t want to know what they say
Time is running out
Hear the sound of footsteps, know that they’re coming my way

Just look away…
Just look away…
Don’t care what they say
But oh my God they’re coming right for me

A deadly thrill I’d never want to know
Each step always closer
Whispered death behind
Running, terror, blind
But in the darkest night
It’s catching up with my mind

Beat the drums and dance around fires and laugh as you sing
A demon’s out tonight
All the walls come crashing down and let the jackals rush in
Drawn raw in desert wastes, the fires lick at your skin
Never get away
Chained in the dark to drown beneath the weight of your sin

Just look away…
Just look away…
Don’t care what they say
But oh my God they’re coming right for me


Track Name: Dark Days Ahead
Cold! Smash the walls to dust and bring descension dark and gray
Build it up and tear it down again
Decay! Bridges fall to rust and institutions rot away
Nothing lasts forever in the end

Darkness falls
The tribes are gathered
War horns call
To raise the hammers

Shadows creeping in by night
Begin the dance of death, beneath the firelight
Centuries of suffering
All repaid in fire; let freedom have its reign

Night follows day, day follows night
Seasons will change, nations will rise and fight
The sacrifice to reach the end
(no sacrifice, no victory!)
The Labyrinth will fall
(We stand! We fight!)
But you can’t hold back the night

Trapped! Blackness, no escape, you’re lost within the maze
Creeping closer, death is in the air
Light will never reach you here, civilization turned its back
Blow it all to hell to get away

Darkness falls
The tribes are gathered
War horns call
To raise the hammers


Stand for what you don’t believe, and you
Fall down at your master’s feet, but you
Give your soul to never see that you
Stand on the back of another
Fight! The monster smiles on you, and says
Kill what’s trying to break through, but you
Die! The monster turns on you
And hunts you down to devour

What’s meant to be (an illusion to see)
Designing your perfect society
You give and you take away
But the clock hands won’t stay

Kill the beast and smash the maze, the watchers now become the prey
Only death and chaos built to last
Fall! Foundations cracked and burned, live free to die another day
Seen this all before, iconoclast

Darkness falls
The tribes are gathered
War horns call
To raise the hammers

Track Name: Live to Die (or Die to Live)
Hey kid, watch and follow my direction, I’ll show you what to fold and what to play
Hey kid, tell me everything’s in motion, miss a step, you’ll only throw it all away
Hey kid, step away from your emotion, life’s running and you’ve got no time to waste
Hey kid, take whatever you get ahold of, step into the ride but everybody pays

You’ve got nowhere to turn
You’ll only lose the game
Just stuck in place

Life is yours, yeah, so live it up
Pictures burn and statues crumble
There’s nothing more that you’re giving up
The chase is everything
You can pay for gold with your life’s blood
But only death can last forever
Before we’re all back together
You can live to die or die to live

Hey kid, do you ever need a reason? Take him down and watch them scatter as they run
Hey kid, I smile as you’re beaten, take you in, you know you’re not the only one
Hey kid, will you live for devastation? Turn the lights out and paint your name in blood
Hey kid, never stop and give reflection, shoot to maim, revenge is sweeter with a gun

You’ve got nowhere to turn
You’ll only lose the game
Just stuck in place


Open your eyes, you will find a way
Your life is calling and enter you may

Track Name: Into the Blue
Wake for day, all questions answered
But colors fade away
The blue awaits
And stale or strange, you’re swept away
Mind decried, truth distorted
A shifting lucent night
Murky heights
Vitric lies, what waits if you keep climbing high?

Climb to the light!
You’ll never die
Clash or escape
It’s never mattered where you lie
Just fall in line
Caught here in time
The sea just a reflection of the sky.

Delphic sky undeciphered
It carries you away
Cryptic lines
Drawing to a better day

Back in the depths, your breath betrayed
Aspiration, suffocate
Pressure building, bioluminescence draws the rage
They’ll drag you back into your cage
Where everyone’s the same
But still they’ll find a way to fight


Fight for the dream, fight for the truth, fight for the life
They build you up, they tear you down, but you’re still burning bright
You looked into the waves, lives wasted every day
Drifting safe just to die
The sea just a reflection of the sky
But into the blue you’ll fly


Born again just to die
But into the blue you’ll fly
Track Name: One of the Missing
Nighttime, alone
Wander with nowhere to go
Sit on deserted stone, adrift
Afraid to go home
A beast mundane, no less to dread
Suspicion haunting, can’t forget
Walk soft my friend, you’ve crossed the line
And now the hunt begins

Take you up, I’ll make you pay
My castle’s kingdom
I make the rules, now come and play
Pay for sins unearned
Punishment, it’s always due
Rights forsaken
No one left to shelter you
They’ll never say a word

Smash the skull, the hammer’s gone
Deadly silence
Pain for two, now saved for one
Delivery awaits

From the dark flows life

Water stains against the wall
Read them close, watch them fall
Hide away beneath the ground
Life runs out, you’re never found
But kick that line beneath your heel
The floodgates burst, the monster’s real

I don’t know what tales you’ve heard
What in the blackness there might lurk
The sword you dream to free your mind
Yet never see the bloody knife

Hand in the dark, rot in the grin
Drawing into the black
Throat locked, can’t scream, floating away
Waiting for my mind to snap
Blinded, reaching, grab for life
Frozen, rotten flesh
Crawling, stumbling, gasp for breath
Panic, all that’s left

Hunted day and night, can’t get away
Terror bursting, what can one mind take?
Running, black, unchained
Tasting the fear and smelling decay
Praying I’ll live to see another day

Make it to the light
Crawl, that’s alright
Make it to the light
Up all night
Make it to the light
Track Name: Hell's Back Door
Fear! I am your darkest fear
Deepest depths of troubled mind
Always lurking near
Death! On your death I’ll feed
Dragged below, forever float
On waters never seen

Fate! Your fate will lead you here
Back into my waiting hand
We all float down here
Dance! I’ll be your puppeteer
Twist and sway to my command
I whisper in your ear

Live in shadow
I’m the ancient terror that haunts your nightmares
I’ve always been, I’ll always be
Stare in wonder or run in desperation
Turn and face infinity

Take! You live to serve my need
Sit and ponder your demise
What was meant to be
Dark! I’ll destroy your sanity
Let my deadlights fill your mind
And let your people bleed

Track Name: Halls of the Brave
Oars in our hands, wind in our sails
The sea is ours, it’s open wide
Our banners fly on fury and gale
Journey forth on the evening tide
Across horizons lands await
Destruction, death, and glory
Fame and fortune to the brave, immortal
The Skalds will sing our names

In the depths dark secrets sleep
Woken and arising
Protection lost for lust and greed
Sacrifice forsaken
Winds arise, cold waters reap
Join the dark communion
Come and die with us below
Cold winds blow

“All hands to the oars!”
The captain commands us
“Fight! Heave back! Don’t give in!
Seek halls of the brave
Pray no prayers to the shore
But to gods you’ve forsaken
Avast! Ye wages of sin
Here Woden reigns!”
Track Name: Earn Your Shield
Hear the Dethklok counting to the Cobra Strike
The Mob Rules, we’ve Lost our Paradise
The Earth trapped under Ice
You know the Guardians are Blind
The Fates Warn the Pagan’s Mind
“Send the Angel Witch to search Deep Purple skies”

From the Exodus the Armored Saint arrives
Ready for the fight
The Hammer Falls tonight
The Iron Savior lives, the Metal Church survives

Earn! Your! Shield!
Purge your fear and fight
Fight! For! Rock!
The metal legions ride
Keep! Your! Oath!
The Eagle Force will fly
Earn! Your! Shield!

Your Twisted Sister left to Scale the Summit high
And join the Elvenking’s Nocturnal Rites
Where Doctor Butcher deals his VitriaL and Vyse
Through the Dark Eternal Night
The Powerwolf will ride
To raise the Queen of the Sacred Reich

Take a Power Trip Beyond the Bridge of life
Where Seven Wonders lie
Feel the Power of the Night
Hey, it’s Helloween! So have some Magic Pie

Earn! Your! Shield!
Purge your fear and fight
Fight! For! Rock!
The metal legions ride
Keep! Your! Oath!
The Eagle Force will fly
Earn! Your! Shield!
(The Metal)

Upon his Darkthrone sits
The King of Diamonds bright
Eternal glory waits
So stand before me and take your oath tonight
Through every Inch of Blood
Until the Reaper Digs my Grave
We’ll Set the World on Fire
Earn my shield and join the heavy metal fight

Give your Testament, let the King in Crimson rise
To End the Anarchy of the Stranger in the Night

Earn! Your! Shield!
Earn! Your! Shield!
Earn! Your! Shield!
Earn! Your! Shield!

Track Name: The Road
Face clear and bright
Raised up to a shining blue sky
Miles racing by
But the glass can’t tell him why
He left for freedom
But found that freedom is not free
And home is far away

He hides, he runs, he screams
But no will rescue him tonight
Careful what you wish, they said
The beast has come alive
Hide in the shadows, pray that
God is on his side
One night, he left it all behind
The road gave him life

Finally free! Adventure awaits,
And now his future’s looking bright
In the daylight, nightmares fade
And dreams can only live by night
And if he screams inside
Well, every wound is healed with time
He turns his mind ahead
And walks into his new life

Head in his hands
Drawing pictures of friends in the sand
Washed away by wind and rain
Memories beginning to fade
Rests his head on weathered stone
The desert night is still and cold
Dreams soft and sweet
He hears the words he’s never been told


The road is calling and he must go
The blue and red, the veins that flow
Ever onward, trying to
Erase the way to get back home
They’ll always take you in, it’s said
But the Devil too waits with open hand
Keep your life and give your soul away
To take what he don’t need
He’s on the road and free

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